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Hiker standing on top of Paintbrush Divide with the Grand Tetons in the background

Jackson, Wyoming: The Gateway to Grand Teton and Rustic Adventures

Author Erik Abrams
Hikers around a fire at night in Teton National Park

Jackson, Wyoming, nestled amidst the rugged Teton Range, is a paradise I've returned to time and again as an avid hiker and camper. Known for its world-class ski resorts and the iconic Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Jackson also boasts a rich camping culture. It's a gateway to some of the most pristine wilderness in the U.S., offering an authentic slice of the American West. Join me as we explore some of the best campgrounds in and around Jackson.

Gros Ventre Campground Close to the Gros Ventre River and under the gaze of the Grand Teton, Gros Ventre Campground is an absolute gem. With over 300 sites for tents and RVs, it's a favorite for its stunning Teton views and wildlife encounters. It’s a perfect spot to feel at one with nature.

Jenny Lake Campground Jenny Lake Campground, nestled in Grand Teton National Park, is breathtaking. A short walk from Jenny Lake, the campground offers mesmerizing views of the Tetons mirrored in the lake. Plus, with trails like the Jenny Lake Trail nearby, it’s a hiker’s dream.

Colter Bay Village RV Park If you're looking for a rustic yet comfortable stay, Colter Bay Village RV Park is the place. On the shores of Jackson Lake, it combines RV hook-ups with the charm of log cabins and a marina. It’s fantastic for families, offering both nature and convenience.

Curtis Canyon Campground Overlooking the National Elk Refuge, Curtis Canyon Campground offers a tranquil retreat. The views of the Tetons and Jackson Valley are unmatched, and its cooler temperatures make it a summer haven. It’s a hotspot for hikers and wildlife watchers.

Hoback Campground Hoback Campground, along the Hoback River, is a haven for anglers and those seeking peace by the water. The gentle flow of the river provides a soothing backdrop, perfect for a rejuvenating getaway.

Final Thoughts Jackson, Wyoming, is more than a mere destination – it’s a journey into the heart of the American West. Its campgrounds are gateways to natural wonders, from the towering Tetons to the tranquil lakes and rivers. Whether you’re an adventurous hiker, a wildlife enthusiast, or in search of tranquility, Jackson’s camping spots offer a profound connection with nature, creating memories that resonate long after you’ve left the mountains behind.

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