Top 25 things to bring while camping with your girlfriend

Top 25 things to bring while camping with your girlfriend

A camping trip as a couple will be much more enjoyable if you run through this checklist of essential items before leaving home.


1. Wet wipes. Never camp without them – especially when with your girlfriend. A quick whip down to clean her hands, feet and to get ride of any sweat before bed will go a very long way. Just trust us.
2. Bug spray. You don’t want to spend the evening swatting and scratching.
3. Hand Sanitizer. Use it frequently, especially before eating, even snacks, and after using the bathroom. Can also be used to start a fire.
4. Travel toiletries. Bring travel sized toiletries will save on weight and make you feel fresh in the morning. Include a dry shampoo.
5. Shower sandals. You never know what might be on that shower floor! And if you’re out hiking without a shower, you’ll want to get out of your hiking shoes to let your feet breathe.


6. Tent. Purchase or borrow a reasonable sized one, ideally tall enough to semi-stand in to get dressed.
7. Sleeping pad. Or, for extra comfort an air mattress, and remember to pack a cordless pump.
8. Pillow. A good night’s sleep is essential to a happy camping trip and can ensure your girlfriend will want to camp again. Better not to improvise with some rolled-up clothes as this can be very uncomfortable – pack two pillows.
9. Fan. Tents can get hot and stuffy so if the climate is warm bring a battery operated fan to cool things off.
10. Chairs. Your girlfriend will really appreciate a folding camping chair or stool and if there’s room, a small folding table.

Lighting and technology

11. Tent light. A light which can be suspended in the tent or outside to provide general light. Most campsites can be surprisingly dark.
12. Head lamp. Bring one each, these are essential for finding the bathroom at night!
13. Solar panel & battery bank. Pack sufficient batteries or a solar charger for all of your battery-powered articles.
14. Mobile phone. Purchase a weatherproof case and charge your phone before leaving home. Turn it off when you get to the campsite- only to be used in emergencies and to take some pictures of course.
15. Music. OK, you can turn your phone on to listen to some music or bring a blue tooth speaker. Do be considerate of other people camping or if you’re out in the wild, better to listen to the sounds of nature.

Food and drinks

16. Water. Bring plenty of water and keep hydrated. You can also bring water purifiers like the Grayl or the Platypus if you don’t want to pack in all your water and have a water source you can harvest from. 
17. Flask. Bring your favorite drink to enjoy in the evening – but don’t overdo it!
18. Food and snacks. Bring a cooler with previously prepared food that you can just heat up on the camping stove. Have plenty of snacks available, camping can make you very hungry! If you’re planning on cooking make sure you have everything you need to do so and don’t rely on the campfire, it just might rain!
19. Hot Chocolate. There’s nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to ensure a good night’s sleep, especially since chocolate is an aphrodisiac!
20. S’mores. A campfire favorite, make sure you bring all the necessary items to make them.


21. Book. When you have some down time, or sitting in a tent while it rains, a book can really change your mood.
22. Cards and games. A simple pack of cards can provide hours of fun.
23. Camera. You’re going to want to record all those happy camping moments.
24. Journal. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but they will never tell how you felt when you were in the moment. Write your thoughts so you can read them later.
25. Patience. Use it at all times. Work together and enjoy your trip to the max.


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