The ultimate tailgate grill.

The Velocity Grill is not like any other grill on the market. I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s not, it’s the plain truth. I have never used a grill like this before. Most grills run on charcoal, or gas…obviously, so I wasn’t even sure how this grill would work when I first looked at it. But, after all was said and done, the Velocity Grill made a permanent impact on my tailgate grilling game. Let me explain.

The Velocity Grill is pretty unique in what it can do, but at the end of the day, the way it works makes logical sense. By using a fan to blow air through burning wood toward a grill plate, the grill evenly distributes the heat generated by the flame and produces an incredibly hot cooking surface. The more air, the hotter the flame, and thus if you control the speed of the air, through a dial, then you have temperature control. That is pretty much how the Velocity Grill works in a nutshell.

For an even better explanation, the video at the top does a pretty good job of detailing how it works, and the pic below really demonstrates how much heat is evenly distributed on the grill plate.

The 13″ Heat Diffuser Grill Plate on the top of the Velocity Grill is a signature feature with its impressive heat distribution capabilities.

When I first used the Velocity Grill, I had some trouble getting it going. I purchased some hickory chunks at Publix (my local grocery store), and loaded them into the grill. Once you load the wood in the reservoir, you need to get the wood lit in order to start cooking. The Velocity Grill comes with its own fire starter sticks, but they are definitely not the best first starters out there. They don’t burn easily, making it hard to light them in the wind, and they don’t produce enough flame to get a nice size chunk of wood going quickly. I would recommend using your preferred fire starter, or using something like the Esbit Fuel Tablet for a better experience.

Once I got the wood burning, I turned the fan up using the control knob. After only about 30 seconds, the wood was already starting to get engulfed in flames. Once the fire was really rolling, I used the provided hand tool to place the grill plate on top of the grill. That is when I saw what looked like the image above; an evenly distributed flame packing a ton a heat. If you leave the fan on high, the grill will get to temperature quickly, but naturally the faster you burn the wood, the more quickly it needs to be replaced. If you don’t have the grill on high, the wood lasts a decent amount of time, around 5-7 minutes, but on high, the wood burns pretty quickly, but you can load it up with a nice amount of wood to give you a longer burn time.

I should also mention that once your flame gets low, you can easily reload the wood into the reservoir by lifting up the grill plate using the provided hand tool/clamp. Once you reload the wood, you don’t even need to adjust the fan speed because the heat will be good enough to keep the fire going consistently.

The Velocity Grill’s 13″ Heat Diffuser Grill Plate can handle 2 juicy New York strip steaks with ease.

I tested the grill with’s co-founder, my cousin Erik. We used some New York strip steaks for our experiment. Once the grill felt like the heat was at the right temp, we threw the steaks on the grill. The sizzle was immediate and rewarding. After a few minutes on each side (mid rare), we pulled the steaks off the grill. They looked exactly like they should, and definitely way better than I could have ever imagined. We cut into two perfectly cooked New York stirps, nearly a flawless first experience (minus the firestarter issue). I couldn’t believe how good the steaks were, almost like something wasn’t right, and then I remembered they were cooked on a wood fire, not on charcoal or propane. When the Velocity Grill is closed, it’s pretty much a smoker. The smoked, fire grilled steaks were unreal, and it was then that I knew the Velocity Grill was here to stay.

You can use your cast iron pots and pans with ease on the Velocity Grill.

Camping with the Velocity Grill is doable, but when they call the Velocity Grill a portable grill, they certainly don’t mean trail-rated. It weighs 17 pounds. You’re going to want to use the Velocity Grill while tailgating, and FOR SURE while glamping. The grill isn’t huge, but it’s not that small either. The box it comes in is 15 x 15 x 15 inches. You don’t need to keep it inside the box to store it, but there are some accessories that you’ll want to put inside a ziplock bag to keep together. The Velocity Grill runs on 12v power, which means you can plug it into it’s provided USB outlet, USB battery pack, or even a solar panel (optional). It can also run on D batteries which can be installed underneath. When running on the D batteries, you don’t need to bring along any USB cables for powering the grill.

With the grill plate removed, the Velocity Grill doubles as a futuristic s’more machine, perfectly roasting your marshmallows.

The Velocity Grill is definitely a family friendly grill. The 13″ grill plate allows for plenty of burgers to be cooked at once, and can accommodate cast iron pots and pans to make dinner even easier. If you remove the grill plate, you can even make use of the flames for some intimate s’mores making. Overall, the Velocity Grill is definitely a must have item if you want to make cooking on the grill as easy as possible while away from home. All you need to do is pack a good amount of wood, and you’re ready to go.

There is only one thing you need to hold onto when transporting the Velocity Grill, and that’s the carry handle on the top.

In closing, I would definitely say the Velocity Grill is a must-have item for the summer. If you’re looking for a conversation starter, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain at a BBQ what the hell I’m doing on the picnic table. People don’t quite understand how it works, and they freak out when they taste the food. It’s a really fun grill to own. Maintenance on it is incredibly simple, and brief. It’s not one of those fancy gadgets that turns to crap easily, the Velocity Grill is definitely built to last.

Price: $159.95

Weight: 17 Lbs (7.73 Kg)

Dimensions: L 15″ X W 15″ X H 16″

Features: Heavy-Duty Rubber Grip Handles; Non-Scratch, Stay-Cool Plastic Base; 13″ Heat Diffuser Grill Plate; 13″ Grill Plate

Includes: 1 Cleaning Brush; 15′ Cord with Car/Wall/USB Power Attachments;1 Grill Plate/Pan Gripper

If you’re looking for the perfect grill to compliment your next tailgate or glamping trip, check out the Velocity Grill by JR Ricks. If you’d like to purchase one, you can do so on Amazon by clicking the link below. Your purchase will help continue to provide quality content for years to come.

Velocity Grill