Marketed as a floating fitness mat and a relaxing hammock, the Levitat delivers a versatile and unique “hang” out experience. For those looking to stay active, the Levitat can be used for yoga or cross-training – helping with balance and strengthening your core. For the rest of us just looking to kick it, the triangular design offers enough space to comfortably support three adults or five children.

Set Up

Setting up the Levitat is easier than it looks, but does take some practice.

  • First, you have to find 3 supports that give enough space for proper tension to be created. At least 65 sq. ft is recommended.
  • Once you find your support posts, set up the straps around each one at least 3 feet off the ground and all at the same height.
  • Lay the hammock out on the ground evenly centered between the supports. Make sure to attach a ratchet to each corner.
  • Here is the part that will become easier with practice. One corner at a time, bring the strap through the ratchet, cranking the ratchet at a length that will keep the Levitat centered. Repeat this step with each corner. Once you complete the last corner, you may experience unevenness in length, tension, or height. Make the proper adjustments so tension is evenly distributed and all straps are the same height.
  • Last, tuck away any excess strap into the specially designed pockets at the end of each corner. This helps get them out of the way and cleans up the whole look of the Levitat you just expertly set up.



The Levi-Ladder is a simple flexible step-up ladder and a “must have” in our opinion. It attaches to the Levitate and comes with stakes so you can secure the bottom of the ladder to the ground in order to add stability. On the spot where the Levi-Ladder attaches to the Levitat, there is a convenient handle to assist in pulling yourself up when using the ladder. Although it is possible to get on the Levitat without the Levi-Ladder, you will regret not having it should you set up your mat at a high height.


The Levi-Net is also a “must have,” but only if you plan to set your Levitat high up or will be using the Levitat to go camping. The Levi-Net attaches easily to the under-belly of the Levitat and offers convenient storage for your gear. Putting on the net only takes a minute or so. You’ll appreciate the Levi-Net for the obvious reasons – it allows for easy access to your gear while you’re on the mat. No need to jump off to get your gear since you can just reach under and grab it. You may not need the Levi-Net every time you use the Levitat, but trust us, it is worth having.


Having a hard time finding a place to set up your Levitat? The Levi-Stand gives you the flexibility and portability to set up the Levitat anywhere you’d like – indoors and outdoors. Similar to how a trampoline frame works, the Levi-Stand pulls the Levitat taut at six points. The Levi-Stand is advertised to be lightweight, able to be set up in 5 minutes and comes with a carrying bag.  At the time of writing, the Levi-Stand is not available, so we have been unable to test it ourselves.


Want to truly upgrade your Levitat? The Levi-Top turns your aerial mat into an aerial tree tent! The Levi-Top will shield you from wind, rain, snow, bugs and provides total privacy. It has three windows plus the entrance, allowing you to see all around you while elevated at your campsite. We have yet to try the Levi-Top ourselves, but look forward to getting our hands on one. Once we do, we will give an update and let you know how easy it is to install, and if it works as advertised.

Comes With:

  • Black Levitat Aerial Mat with green details
  • (3) Ratchets
  • (3) Straps
  • Compact Backpack

Weight: 6.1 lbs

Capacity: 3 Adults or 5 Kids (up to 770 pounds)

Accessories (sold separately):

  • Levi-Top
  • Levi-Net
  • Levi-Stand
  • Levi-Ladder