Just like your current bandana, on steroids

If you give your bandana steroids you would get North x North’s Merino Wool Kerchief. It is the most comfortable and useful multi-tool fabric I have ever owned and is a welcomed addition to my hiking pack due to its quality and utility.

Having a simple piece of cloth while on an adventure can be a wonderful tool and sometimes a necessary one. Whether you need to filter water, protect yourself from the sun or even use for first aid applications,  a multi-use piece of fabric is highly underrated and often overlooked.  However, not all fabric tools are created equally – the size, shape and material greatly impact its versatility and usefulness.


The Merino Wool Kerchief is 42”x 42”, which sounds big but is actually the perfect size. This size allows the Kerchief to be more useful than smaller fabric tools, like a bandana, yet is not awkward or unwieldy.   The larger size also makes it possible to roll the Kerchief up in order to use it as cordage or to wrap yourself in it as a blanket when the temperature drops. Despite the size, the Kerchief is very light, weighing only 6.8 ounces (195 grams).


Square Shape

The Kerchief is a square due it the shapes versatility. A square can be folded to become many other shapes, like rectangles or triangles. This allows the Kerchief to be used as a scarf, a facemask or even a belt.  


Material – Merino Wool

The Kerchief is made of Merino Wool sustainably sourced from Australia and New Zealand. NxN chose this material due to its incredible natural qualities.


This wool is an all-season insulator – meaning it can keep you warm when it is cool and cool when it is warm. I am not sure how but in the cold the Kerchief acts like a scarf or blanket, and in the heat it acts like an ultra soft quick drying performance cloth similar to the feel of an Under Amour shirt. On my last camping trip, I woke up to very cold foggy morning. While I was working on my fire to cook breakfast, I used the Kerchief as a face wrap to keep me warm. It worked beautifully. My face, ears and head were all kept nice a snug.  Later the same day the temperature rose and I used the Kerchief to keep my head, neck and shoulders cool from the hot sun.

Very Resistant

As in Odor resistant, Water resistant, Wind resistant and Flame resistant.  You can wear the Kerchief for days and it will never smell like your sweaty socks.  It will dry quickly even if you use it to shield you from unexpected rain showers. If the wind should pick up, the Kerchief can protect you from the elements. Lastly, the Kerchief can even be used as an oven mitt if you need to guard your hand when taking your boiling pot out of the fire, since merino wool is the most flame resistant commonly used textile fiber.


Really Expensive

If there is one con to point out of the NxN Merino Wool Kerchief it’s the price. I got mine off KickStarter for $65.00, but you can order them now for $75.00.  This is quite expensive and understandably a major reason why I could see many people declining to buy one. But if you do decide to take the plunge, you won’t regret it and will quickly forget the price once you see the quality and feel how insanely soft it is.

Another important thing to watch out for is not put the Kerchief in the dryer after it is washed. This may reduce the softness.

Final Thought

I know I went into crazy detail about this product, but it’s hard to put in perspective all the things you can do with the Kerchief. I was a little reluctant to buy it at first, since I am allergic to wool and it is normally super itchy on my skin. However, the Kerchief is hypoallergenic and is not itchy at all. In fact it feels better than most shirts I own and love to wear.

Further, it is important for all my gear to have multiple functions…and the Kerchief may actually have the most. To sum it up, it is a really soft piece of cloth that can keep you warm, cool and even dry. It can be used like a bandana, a hat, a rope, a bag or satchel, a scarf and much more. It is durable, well made and comes in a bunch of different colors. All in all, I am really happy to have the Kerchief.

Price: $75.00

Dimensions: 42 inches long x 42 inches wide (106 cm x 106 cm)

Weight: 6.8 ounces (195 grams)

Weatherproof: Water Repellant & Moisture-Wicking