Get the most out of your first camping experience

Camping is meant to be fun. So follow these simple tips to avoid stressing out over some easy to avoid errors.

Research Where you Are Going

First of all check out where you are going to camp, look on the map and investigate on the web. For your first camping experience, it’s probably a good idea to use an established campground where you will have access to basic facilities like water and bathrooms. Remember to make a reservation, especially if you are traveling at peak times.

Reach Your Campsite Early

Leave home with ample time to reach your destination, setting up camp in the dark can be tricky especially for inexperienced campers. If you are set on heading out into the wild make sure you know your route in and out, and charge your cell phone before leaving.

Set up your camp carefully, checking beneath where you pitch the tent for any rocks or roots. A campfire is one of the best bits about camping out, but remember to build it far enough away from the tent so sparks can’t cause a disaster.

Check The Weather

Before any camping trip always check out the current weather conditions and pack accordingly.

Buy Quality Gear

For your first trip buy good quality essential items and try them out first at home. Look for sales on reliable brand name items and think carefully about what you need. Invest in a bright LED lantern and a headlamp so you can free up your hands.

Don’t buy too much in the beginning

With so many camping gadgets and accessories available it can be tempting to purchase unnecessary objects. If you decide that camping is for you, after a few excursions you will discover what you really need to have.

Test Your equipment before leaving

For the first trip buy a good tent and put it up and down a couple of times in your backyard.  

Focus on your Sleep situation

A camping trip can be ruined by a bad night’s sleep, so invest in a snug sleeping bag, as the nights can get chilly just about anywhere, and a pad or air mattress.

Do not rely on a campfire

Cookouts are great, but don’t rely on a campfire for cooking as it might rain, so always have a small backup stove to cook up something on.

Bring a First Aid Kit

Do remember to always carry a small but comprehensive first-aid kit.

Do not leave your food out

Remember to store any food items in sealed containers in the car. During the night many animals will be on the prowl for easy food. Off the beaten track tie your foodstuffs in a bundle and hang it from a tree branch at least 12-ft up. Keep your camp tidy and take all your garbage out of the area and dispose of it correctly.

Alex Kafure

Alex Kafure

As South Floridian native, my first camping experience was right along the beach in the Florida Keys. Since then, it's been nothing but exploring what the rest of the world has to offer. From moving to the Pacific Northwest to now residing in Costa Rica, I've had the chance to experience all kinds of environments. The question that always lingers in my mind is, "where to next?" I can't wait to find out.

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