Expert Tips For Camping With Your Dog

The companionship of a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences when you are camping. And like most humans, canines are quiet, low maintenance, and generally easy to please.

What to Bring:

    • You cannot trust the safety of streams, rivers, and lakes as a source of hydration for you or your dog. It’s rare these days to locate natural water that isn’t tainted. If you would like to use water from a natural source, bring a water filtration system.
  •  ID tags 
    • Consider purchasing an inexpensive temporary tag. Enter the name of the park where you’ll be camping and your assigned campsite number, then include the phone number of the nearest ranger station.
  • Short lead
    • Especially if your destination is heavily wooded. You don’t want a long lead wound around a couple of trees.
  • Safety Restraint
    • Bring a tether, or if your dog routinely sleeps in a crate, bring it along to safely restrain your dog.
  • Bedding
    • Laying on the ground risks exposure as body heat is quickly absorbed into the earth. Bring an all-weather tarp, or a folded sleeping pad to place under the bed or sleeping mat you brought. This will ensure your dog is shielded from hypothermia.
  • Sweater/Coat
    • Especially if she is a short or thin coat, pack a sweater or a coat.
  • Dog Boots
    • Depending on the terrain or if your dog has weak footpads, booties are a good solution for paw protection. Don’t forget to do a few trial runs with the booties before you leave because wearing shoes for the first time takes some getting used to.
  • Food
    • When it comes to food, pack two extra days of dog food beyond your planned stay and preserve the food in a sturdy waterproof container or bag. If your campsite features a bear box, which is a storage container high off the ground, often on a pole, please use it. And don’t forget food and water bowls.
  • First Aid Kit
    • You never know when you may need it.

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