We recently got to try out Exotec’s nanoSPARK, and this thing is FIRE!

The waterproof body of the nanoSPARK keeps the quickLIGHT Tinder dry and ready to ignite.

Waterproof Fire Starter

The nanoSPARK is an American-made, lightweight (.6 oz.), compact, waterproof spark throwing fire-starter and is perfect for every-day carry. Made out of NC Machined Aluminum, the nanoSPARK has a modern ribbed design, which makes it easy to grip and feels durable. Similar to a lighter, the nanoSPARK can be used with one hand – with the sparks created by turning the flint wheel with your thumb. However, unlike a lighter, the nanoSPARK continues to spits large hot sparks even after being fully submerged in water. When tested, it only took a few flicks of the flint wheel to dry out and launch sparks again.


Keep your tinder close by and dry!

Tinder Storage Capsule & Replaceable Flint

Exotec designed the nanoSPARK with wet weather in mind. They had the foresight to know the nanoSPARK would have to work even after getting wet. Exotec also knew that rain makes finding dry tinder hard to find. If you’ve ever tried to start a fire in the rain or right after a down pour, you’ll know the depressing feeling you get when all the possible tinder is now soaking wet. Therefore, the nanoSPARK was made with a waterproof tinder storage capsule that can hold one piece of quickLIGHT tinder and multiple replacement flint pieces.  Every nanoSPARK is compatible with the standard Zippo lighter replacement flints.This way you will never be without dry tinder to start a fire and will have the ability to swap out the flint if the one in use runs low.

Pull the quickLIGHT Tinder apart to allow for easier ignition.

QuickLIGHT Tinder 

Not all tinder is created equally. Some burn too quickly, while others take too much effort to get lit. The five pieces of quickLIGHT tinder that come with every nanoSPARK are super dense and great for getting a fire roaring. They are made of treated cotton, which is designed to be water-resistant and give sufficient burn time for starting fires in unfavorable conditions. The first time I used one, it only took me two tries to get it lit. One trick I used was to pull apart one end of the tinder to increase the surface area and make it fluffy. Once on fire, the quickLIGHT tinder stayed lit for enough time to get my fire going.

So if you’re looking for a dependable fire-starter to put on your key chain or carry in your pack, the nanoSPARK is definitely worth checking out.

Price: $22.00

Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Olive Drab & Orange

Length: 2.7 inches (6.8 cm)

Weight: .6 oz (17 g)

Flint: Replaceable 

Waterproof: Yes

Casing Material: CNC Machined Aluminum