Waterproof, Theft-Proof & Tech-Ready

The perfect marriage of business and pleasure, the code 10 backpack’s sleek look and awesome features work great in the office and even better outdoors. So if you’re looking for a bag you can use every day – this is it!

The Code 10 is designed to keep everything inside dry, even when the outside is covered in water.


The Code 10 backpack uses a special TPU coated fabric making it durable, tough and 100% waterproof.  All the seems are made using a high frequency welding technique, instead of traditional stitching, helping the Code 10 achieve a waterproof rating of IPx58. This rating means if you get caught in a down pour or accidentally drop your bag in the pool, there will be no water intrusion to the main compartment. It must be noted though that the makers of the Code 10 do not recommend using the bag underwater, just in case the bag is not fully sealed.

So now you may be asking, “how do you seal the bag?” The Code 10 backpack is similar to other dry bags in that it has a roll down lid to create the waterproof seal. However, for extra protection the main compartment can be zippered shut prior to rolling. Once rolled you can snap the two lid buckles together or you can choose to snap the buckles onto the side of the bag.

You can lock the Code 10 backpack to any pole or picnic table to keep your stuff safe.


The Code 10 backpack is perfect for traveling due to its anti-theft features.  First, the roll down design will prevent stealthy thieves and pickpockets due to the lack of accessibility to the main compartment. They can try, but I am sure you’ll notice once they unclip the straps, unroll the lid and unzip the zipper.  I just don’t see it happening.

Second, it comes equipped with a small padlock attached to the bag by a steel cable! Now it’s not the biggest lock, nor the thickest cable, but I’m sure it is enough to deter most from even trying. In order to use the locking system, you need to zip the bag shut and secure the zipper by hooking the zipper loop over the closet buckle. Now all you have to do is remove the padlock from the hidden back-panel and lock the buckles together. You can also use the lock system to secure the bag to a pole, desk, park bench, etc.

Easily store your 15″ macbook and cables in a convenient carrying case designed for the Code 10.


Not only is the Code 10 great for the outdoors, but its professional look and features make it perfect for school or the office. Each bag comes with a lightweight tech sleeve to help organize all your electronic gear. It is well made and has space for a phone, power bank, cables and can fit a 15″ laptop. The tech sleeve secures to the inside of the main compartment – insuring all your tech gadgets remain safely upright in the bag. When it is time to focus, you can just remove the entire tech sleeve for easy access to all your machinery.

Easily store of all your things separately, and safe from water and theft.

Smart Pockets

One issue with most dry bags or other one compartment bags, is that it’s hard to find your stuff! That is why the Code 10 backpack is designed with 4 useful outer pockets while maintaining the main compartments waterproof protection.

The main outer pocket is located on the front of the bag and has a nice size. This pocket is also water-resistant, making it the perfect for spot your wallet or phone when on the trail.

The hidden pocket is located between the users back and the bag – making it incredibly secure. It is a great place for your passport and other valuables.

The card pocket is located on the left shoulder strap of the bag, giving you easy access to your transit passes or frequently used cards. To make it even better, this pocket is RFID protected, preventing tech savvy thieves from swiping your information.

Lastly, the water bottle pocket will help make sure you stay hydrated inside and outside.

The Code 10 is available in 3 great colors, black (pictured here), blue, and grey.

My Take

I have been using the Code 10 backpack as my main backpack for a couple months now and I am a huge fan. Seriously, I love this thing and so do a lot of people who see me with it. From the minute I took it out of the box I could feel that it was a durable, quality made product.  When I first the bag from Kickstarter,  the fabric was a little stiff (which was expected given it is made with a fully waterproof material), but it has gotten more flexible with use. I bought the black version, but it also comes in gray or blue.

I first used the Code 10 for my laptop and work files. Initially, I wondered if my co-workers would ask questions when they saw me with an outdoorsy bag at the office. However, the clean, modern design is professional enough to compliment my business attire, and I actually had people asking where they could get one as well.

Not only does it look good enough to be used in the office, but its functionality will please all fellow weekend warriors. The tech sleeve works great for protecting my computer and keeping the bag organized. It is really easy to use and simple to take out when not needed.

Once the weekend rolled around I removed the tech sleeve and took the Code 10 with me to the cable wakeboard park and the beach.  The locking feature came in handy at the wakeboard park, where I was able to lock the bag up to a bench and not worry about my valuables being stolen. However, this is where I found the one and only design flaw on the bag.  In order to set the padlock to the desired combo code you have to set your numbers and then press the lock fully open. Once pressed, this will set the lock to only open on that combo. Here is the issue – you have to be really careful in opening the lock when using it to lock the bag, because it is possible to inadvertently move one of the dials and unknowingly reset your combo code to a different code. This happened to me once and I had a mini panic attack. I was ready to cut the lock and chain off with bolt cutters, but luckily the accidentally set combo was one number off from my desired combo and I was able to figure it out. Now each time I lock my bag I am super careful with my finger placement when opening the lock in order to prevent this from happening again.

Where will you take your Code 10 backpack?

I have also taken the bag traveling and find it to be really useful. First of all, the hidden pocket was a great spot for my passports. Although the pocket is not in the lockable portion of the bag, having it basically touch my back made it feel secure. Second, I took the bag with me on a scuba trip to Bonaire and the water-proofing worked just as advertised. My phone and cameras stayed dry while the outside of the bag got splashed a lot.

Lastly, I find the bag to be comfortable. The mesh padding on the back of the bag is nice and the straps are light and easy to adjust. It maintained its comfort no matter how much or how little I had in the bag.

That being said, I really like the look and feel of the Code 10 backpack. Its truly a bag that can be used everyday no matter what you’re doing or where you are.


20L; Removable Tech Sleeve fits up to 15″ Macbook retina

Open – 65 x 30 x 20cm; Closed – 45 x 30 x 20cm

600D TPU-Coated Nylon Fabric; YKK Aquaguard Zips; POM dual release buckles; Neoprene Stretch Fabric.

Yes – waterproof rating of IPx58

750 grams (1.6 lbs)

If you are interested in purchasing a Code 10 backpack, you can do so on their website by clicking the link below. We are not compensated by nor affiliated with Code 10 in any way.