5 Healthy Trail Snacks

My first favorite trail snack is these GoMacro bars. I think I have another one in here. Yeah. They have a lot of different flavors depending on what you like, and some of them say “high protein,” so I usually grab those, but they’re really good ingredients that I can pronounce. That’s one of the main things I look for in a bar, and of course, that it taste good and it feels satisfying. These are really good.

I also love, where are they, the Oatmega bars. These are probably my go-to bar because they’re the cheapest. I get them at Target, and they taste really good. Good quality ingredients, and some protein and omega-3s.

Then last up is these Square Organics square bars, and these are so good. They are covered in chocolate, which is both amazing and also a little problematic if you’re hiking a lot in the desert or in the heat like I do. Usually, when I open it up, it’s just like the chocolate has melted everywhere, which I will probably never be complaining about melted chocolate anyway, but bring a little baggie to put the trash in because you don’t want to get chocolate all over your backpack.

There are a bunch of people coming. Now I just look like a crazy person. I’m like Mary Poppins. I just have an endless bag of goodies here.

The next up is this classic apple and peanut butter. I love these Justin’s packets, and this is the almond butter one, but I also love the peanut butter one, and just grab an apple and … Fly. And I’m good to go.

Next up are just a little trail mix here. This one … I just make my own. I find that most store-brought trail mixes are pretty expensive, and they’re mostly just peanuts, and I don’t really like eating just peanuts, and so I make my own. I just go to the bulk section and grab a couple of your favorite nuts or seeds or dried berries. This have walnuts and pecans and pumpkin seeds, and you can sprinkle some cinnamon in. This is just a really cost-effective way to get exactly what you like.

Next up. I love plantain chips. I will just eat these out of the bag or put them in a smaller bag if I don’t want to carry the whole bag on the trail. But these, and then if I’m at camp or just my everyday life, I’ll sometimes scoop avocado onto these. They’re just really crunchy, and I love them, and they’re also salty, so I like that when I’m sweating on the trail a lot.

Let’s see. What else do I have for you? Then the next thing that I love to take on a trail are home made protein energy bites. I made these at home the other night. These are just full of chia seeds and peanut butter and oats and protein powder. They’re pretty cheap to make. I probably wouldn’t take this whole bag full of these, but maybe just two or three of them.

While I’m talking to you about this, this one and this one are Stasher bags. I just discovered these. They’re reusable plastic bags. They seal really, really well. I’m just trying to reduce the amount of plastic that I consume because I love nature, and just why not? These are reusable, and for the price of a couple of boxes of those plastic ones, you can just reuse this one.

I’ve tried a couple of different brands, and this Stasher brand is definitely my favorite. You can make these protein bars, or protein bites, and I’ll link to a couple of my favorite recipes on the blog post with this video so that you can try some of those, but sometimes I just make them up myself too, just throw a bunch of things in a bowl, make a ball, put it in the fridge, and then throw it in my pack whenever I’m ready to go.


Omeals Taste Test & Full Review

So your feet are sore from a day on the trail, or your arms feel like wet noodles from a long kayaking trip. Whatever your adventure, you’ve burned tons of calories and hunger slams into your stomach like a Tyson one-punch knockout. But when you’re away from the comforts of home, the options for a hot tasty meal are few and far between. These type of trips often call for food that won’t spoil easily, forcing many to rely on dehydrated or freeze dried backpacking meals that have a long shelf life. However, most of these meals lack flavor and require the addition of boiled water to make them edible. Which of course means you have find a way to boil the water. And also means you to find firewood, get a fire going, and bring a pot of water to a boil.  Depending on the weather, getting water to a roll can often take longer than your stomach would wish.The team at Omeals were tired of this hassle and did something about it. They created a super easy and fast way to have homestyle meals when you’re out enjoying life. Omeals are not dehydrated, and only require 3-5 oz. of water to ignite the heating pad.  Conveniently, you don’t need to use drinkable water since the water is not used to rehydrate the food. Forget about the fire as well, since you won’t need that either. In order to eat a premium outdoor meal all you need is salt water, dirty water, or any water.


How it works

  • Tear open the package and remove all the contents.
  • Tear open the heating pad package and reinsert it and the food pouch back into the Omeals bag.
  • Add 3-5 oz. of ANY liquid into the Omeals bag.
  • Seal Omeals bag.
  • Let sit for 3-5 minutes
  • Heat pad should be activated within 1 minute. Once activated, the Omeals bag with expand, the water will begin to boil and steam will escape out of the designated steam vents on the Omeals bag.
  • Remove the food pouch from the Omeals bag. Be careful as the bag will be very hot and steam may still be escaping the bag.
  • Once the food pouch is removed, carefully squeeze the food pouch so to mix the contents. This will help make sure the food is evenly heated. If you believe the food needs more time to heat, reinsert the food pouch into the Omeals bag.
  • Once ready, tear open the food pouch. You may enjoy your hot meal directly from the food pouch using the spoon provided.

My Take

Omeals are O-mazing! (cheesy I know, but they also make cheese bites as snacks!)We recently kayaked 9 miles to camp on an island in the Florida Keys and all we brought to eat were Omeals. On the two-day trip, we each took five different meal choices: lunch, snack, dinner, breakfast, lunch. For the complete experience, we left without a camping stove – unnecessary weight. By the time we got to the island, 9 miles of kayaking on the ocean had us starving. We pulled the kayaks up on the sand, quickly unloaded our gear, and broke out lunch. In order to activate the heating pouch we used ocean water. Within minutes we could hear the water boiling. As I sat there listening to my lunch boil in the salt water, it hit me how much more convenient Omeals are than dehydrated meals. The last time I ate a dehydrated meal it was for breakfast on a camping trip. While it did not rain the night before, the morning dew left all the twigs and branches soaking wet. Finding dry wood for my camping stove took a long time. Once I got the water to a boil I was already cranky and had spent more time than I wished on preparing our first meal of the day. But this trip we had Omeals – we didn’t need to search for firewood or get a fire going.  We were eating lunch within minutes. As for the taste, I truly enjoyed the flavor and texture of each meal I tried. It did not matter if it was vegetarian, beef or chicken, all of them were good. Each one we tried, we would gladly eat again.  There is however, a trick to make sure the food gets fully and evenly heated. I figured this out since the first few meals, while mostly hot, had some cool spots. That being said, to ensure my entire meal was nice and hot, I very carefully (do this at your own risk) removed the pouch out of the bag after a couple minutes of sitting in the boiling water. To protect my hands I wrapped the pouch in a small towel and mixed the food by squeezing it in different places. Once mixed, I place the pouch back into the bag for a few more minutes. Perfectly heated all the way through. All in all, we loved our Omeals. There is something special about being able to prepare a hot meal in minutes while in the middle of the ocean on a kayak. Preparing each meal was actually an experience in itself – fun to hear the water boil with such little effort. I am glad I got to try them, and will absolutely be taking Omeals with me on future trips.