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UNA Grill - The Ultra Sleek and Portable Charcoal Grill

UNA Grill - The Ultra Sleek and Portable Charcoal Grill

Author Erik Abrams

I love to BBQ! I mean...who doesn't? My only issue is that I live in an apartment on the beach with very little inside storage space for a grill and we're not allowed to keep one outside. That is why the UNA Grill caught my eye, and why I want bring it to your attention. It is compact, portable, simple to set up and easy to clean. Perfect for grilling with a few friends or just when you want to make a quick dinner for the family. I'm looking forward to trying it out and will update this post with a full review when I do. Currently, the UNA Grill is still available on KickStarter, just click here.

Compact & Portable

The UNA Grill is 17" x 6.2" x 3.5" and only weighs 8.2 pounds. This means it is about the size of a typical shoebox, and should store just as easily. There is a leather strap on one end allowing it to be carried anywhere.

Two Grill Heights & Skewer Divots

The designers of the UNA Grill put some serious thought into making a useful grill and not just another normal one. Some features include the ability to change the height of the grilling surface. By flipping the grill plate over, this lowers the grilling surface closer to the coals, allowing for high temperature grilling. This also exposes the skewer divots making it super easy to grill kabobs!

Easy To Set Up

Another awesome design feature of the UNA Grill is how easy it is to set up. Simply flip the lid and attach it to the bottom and your done! The lid transforms into the base of the grill, lifting it off the ground and preventing the grill from burning your table or ground.

Easy To Clean

The "I cook, you clean" deal doesn't hold up well when BBQ'n. The grill master is normally the one who ends up having to clean up the grill. That being said, the fact that the UNA Grill can be put into the dishwasher is a big deal to me. A clean grill is important for future use and also because I'll be storing it inside my apartment. I know my boss, I mean my fiancée, will definitely appreciate this as well.

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