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SparkBlade - A Useful Modern Accessory

SparkBlade - A Useful Modern Accessory

Author Erik Abrams

An everyday carry micro-blade and fire starter - encased in a cool bullet design. Just be careful not to lose it.

The SparkBlade is a bullet-shaped multitool, with a tiny steel knife and a small flint rod inside. It comes in four different matte colors - black, orange, silver and dark grey. You can attach it to your key chain or make into an accessory by putting it on a string to be worn as a necklace. The knife is perfect for opening boxes, letters and as the striker for the flint rod. The flint rod and knife work well together, creating a nice large spark when needed.

My Take

While the SparkBlade looks awesome and performs well as a small knife and fire starter - it can be a sketchy as an EDC item.

When delivered, the SparkBlade comes in four separate threaded parts. Assembling these parts is easy and intuitive. Once put together, I immediately tested the knife on the flint rod. It worked perfectly, creating a nice big spark with very little effort. I then tried the knife out on some other unopened packages I had. Again, the knife worked great. In terms of functionality, the SparkBlade works as advertised.

However, as much as I want it to be, the SparkBlade is not for everyday carry. To me, an EDC item is something you carry everyday in preparation of an emergency or a daily incident. It must be useful, reliable, convenient and safe when not in use.

The issue with the SparkBlade lies with the threaded parts. They easily come on screwed making it likely the the knife cover will unexpectedly fall off and unknowingly expose the knife. Not only is it easy to lose the parts, but I find it unattractive that the knife can be exposed with out my knowledge. When I first got mine, I placed it on paracord and made it into a necklace. After wearing it for only two days I heard a soft ding on the ground. Luckily I heard the noise and looked down, only to realize the cover to the knife had fallen off and the knife was exposed. Not cool.

Now don't get me wrong, I really like the SparkBlade and find it works very well for its intended purposes. Not only that, but I have received many compliments on how it looks. Nevertheless, an EDC item should be reliable and safe, which the SparkBlade falls a bit short of. I should not have to worry about losing an EDC item due to its design flaws and I definitely should not have to worry about having sharp knifes unexpectedly exposed.

I still think the SparkBlade is worth purchasing since it is effective and stylish. Just make sure you tighten all the parts as much as possible so you don't lose it or hurt yourself.

Price: $15

Length: 2.09 inches (5.3 cm)

Thickness: .47 inches (1.2 cm)

Blade Length: .47 inches (1.2 cm)

Flint Length: .67 inches (1.7 cm)

Weight: .035 oz (15 g)

Casing Material: Aircraft Aluminum

Knife Material: Steel

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