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How To Have Fun When You're Stuck In Your Tent

How To Have Fun When You're Stuck In Your Tent

Going camping can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Spending time outdoors to explore the wilderness can be good for you and lots of fun. However, you don’t always get to do that. On some occasions, the weather might take a turn for the worse and force you to stay in your tent for most of your trip. That can be pretty disappointing. If that is the case, we’ve got you covered on ways to keep yourself entertained and still have fun on your trip!

1- Playing Cards

Everyone should have a deck of playing cards. They’re affordable, accessible, and give you numerous options for entertainment. You can find them at supermarkets, gas stations, and even online. For those who enjoy something a bit more personalized, you can also get decks with artwork or prints from franchises you love. In addition to that, there’s a variety of games you could play with more than one person at different levels of complexity. Crazy eights, go fish, and poker are just some of the games you can play with friends. There are even single-player card games, making card decks a worthy investment if you’re going with friends or by yourself.

2- Monopoly Card

If you’re looking for something fun to do while you’re tent-bound, there are a variety of other unique card games to play. One of them is the Monopoly Card game. If you enjoy more competitive games, this may be the one for you. This takes the chance elements of monopoly, as well as the ability to own property, and turns it into a card game that you can play in 15-20 minutes. It’s a great game for a group of two to five players. On top of that, children as young as 8 can learn and pick it up, making it great for family trips. Consider getting it and trying it out next time you go camping.

3- UNO

Another great card game you can bring with you to play is UNO. This is a classic that’s definitely fun for all ages and fairly accessible. The game is simple enough. Match the cards by color or the number and be the first to get rid of all your cards. With skips, reverses, and draw cards, it’s sure to bring out the competitive side of everyone playing. Don’t forget to say “uno” when you’re down to your last card! This is another game that’s great for families with kids; it’ll keep everyone entertained when you’re all hanging out in your tents.

4- Campfire Stories

You don’t always need games to stay entertained or have fun. If you’re with people and some of you enjoy scaring each other, you can tell campfire stories. There’s a reason storytelling has existed in multiple cultures for generations. We love stories! Telling scary ones when you’re in the wilderness can be even more fun. This is also a good activity for campers of all ages. You can always make the stories a little less scary for really young kids. For those who aren’t creative or don’t know any tales, there are books with campfire stories you can share and tell on your next trip.

5- Camping Charades

Charades is another popular game that you can play with friends, even if you’re confined to your tent. Having to play in the enclosed space of your tent might make it more difficult, but that can make it even more fun too! You can also take it to another level by making it specific to camping. The added challenge brings an extra layer of fun in trying to act everything out. How would you act out pitching a tent, making s’mores, or going for a hike? See who can come up with the most creative camping things to act out & have fun!

6- Bingo

Bingo is another fun game you can bring along for some fun while you’re camping. Although it is more to pack and set up, there are sets you can buy at reasonable prices. Generally, there’s nothing too big or heavy so you should be able to carry it with the rest of your luggage. It does have a lot of pieces, so you’ll want to make sure you pack it all carefully. That being said, bingo is easy to pick up and can be especially fun for children as well. You can even give small prizes to winners like stickers or snacks. Consider bringing this if your kids are coming with you on your next adventure.

7- Read a good book

Another activity you can do for fun that doesn’t involve playing games is reading. A good book can keep you entertained for hours. The right story can captivate you and immerse you in its world. Reading while you're outdoors, surrounded by nature, is a whole other experience. Bonus points if it’s a story that involves camping or being in the wilderness. You could even try nonfiction and take the time to learn something new. Maybe you’ll find it helpful to read about camping on your next trip! Either way, it’s a valid option and packing one book shouldn’t weigh you down too much. Kindles and E-readers also give you more books to read in a smaller, lighter package.

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