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Easy Camping Meals

Easy Camping Meals

When I go camping, I like to pack light. Which of course includes food! I’m going to be talking about some of my personal favorite camping meals. People often get overwhelmed when deciding what food to bring camping, so I’ll be sharing my absolute go-to's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Starting off, it’s very important that you have a stove of some kind. I’m not saying pack your whole kitchen but if you’re low on space, I’d highly recommend packing a collapsible stove that you can fold easily.

Of course, you could always do things the old-fashioned way and use a campfire… and I’d make one in a pinch, but I’d rather have a stove any day. The less prep the better!

Breakfast– My instant go-to is Shake and Pour pancakes every time. They’re so easy to make. Granted, you’ll need to have a pan or something to cook them on but with relatively low effort, you can have some tasty fluffy pancakes in no time. A little bit of syrup and butter, and you’re golden– (hopefully like your pancakes).

I love to pair my pancakes with bacon. But remember, pancakes first! Unless you want to cook your pancakes in bacon grease. Do note that when disposing of grease, make sure to do it far from your campsite.

Lunch– I like my lunches cold, it makes things easier on my stove. I prefer sandwiches and potato chips. It’s really simple to make. Bread, meat, lettuce, and tomato topped off with a tiny bit of mayo. I find sandwiches to be really refreshing after a long morning in the wilderness. Perhaps it’s something about the smells or atmosphere. Either way, it’s my personal favorite.

Aside from my regular trail mix, I’ll typically also bring some pita and hummus and maybe carrots too! I like to have a variety of snacks that all taste a little different.

Dinner– Almost every time, I bring pasta. Whether it be tortellini, regular spaghetti, or even ramen, I always pack pasta for dinner. Meatballs are a nice addition if you can get them so the sauce doesn’t boil away!

If you’re not feeling pasta, don’t worry. On occasion, I’ll pack burgers or sliders for dinner. What I like is they’re fairly easy all around. Cheese, ketchup, and whatever else you’d usually put on your burger.

Drinks– Drinking water gets boring after a while so I like to spice it up at mealtimes. Orange juice with breakfast. Apple cider or hot chocolate with dinner. During the day, I tend to put a little bit of fruity water flavoring in my bottle. It just adds a little bit of flavor that water so greatly lacks.

Dessert– We can’t forget about dessert! I’ll always go for Pop-Tarts and donuts/donut holes. I like them because they’re cold and can last while still being a tasty treat and my personal favorite way to finish my meal.

Camping is generally about having fun. So have fun with your meals. Camping is also about experimenting and trying new things after all. These are just my suggestions and favorites. It’s nothing too crazy or fancy but they’re tasty and fill me up when I’m out in the wild so I couldn’t ask for more.

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