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Camping Gear to Splurge On

Camping and hiking are great outdoor activities, and we love to have all the great gear while participating. There are so many different types and qualities of equipment, and you don’t need to drain the bank to get the stuff you need. However, some pieces of gear are worth the extra money, so treat yourself and splurge.

One item I have no problem spending money on is footwear. My feet MUST be happy whether hiking, running, or hanging around camp. I believe that if you take care of your feet, your feet will take care of you. Keeping your feet feeling good and happy will allow you to put some miles on them. In this situation, quantity does equate to quality. Spending more money on hiking boots/shoes is a necessary splurge. Check out your local outdoor store, try on all kinds of footwear, and get what feels comfortable. Not having sore feet or blisters at the end of the day will make the next day’s trek more enjoyable. Need a place to start browsing has plenty of options to help get you on your way.

After a long day’s hike, a warm meal, and chatting by the fire, there is nothing better than laying down on a comfy mattress for the night; a good night’s rest will make your next day on the trail or at camp more enjoyable. Do not buy cheap; I suggest a memory foam sleeping pad. Memory foam is a back saver while tent camping. Having both support and comfort can lend to a restful night’s sleep. Here is an example of what I am talking about: Memory Foam Sleeping Pad.

Memory foam pads are great if you are car camping, but if you are backcountry camping or you are a minimalist, then a compact sleeping pad would be a better option. You don’t need to give up comfort to be able to pack light. Check out or to find a sleeping pad that works for you.

After a great night’s sleep on your memory foam pad. Wake and brew yourself a great cup o’ joe. It may be cheaper to do some sort of instant coffee or more rustic to brew the grounds in the boiling water. Skip all that and treat yourself to some moring joy, Eureka! Camp Cafe 4.729 Reviews $114.95 $86.21 Limited Time. A carafe large enough to have multiple cups to yourself or share with your camping pals.

The shelter department is possibly the best place to splurge and drop some extra cash. Whether camping out of your car or adventuring deep into the backcountry, tent makers have you covered in the luxury shelter department.

If you are car camping, the size and weight of a tent probably won’t matter very much unless you have personal limitations. So, think about everything you would want in a luxury tent. More space? Extra windows? With this tent, Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent 0.0No Reviews $399.99 Outlet: $279.99 Sale, it doesn’t matter if you are camping with your friends or just two people. This tent has space, windows, and even extra height to stand up. Feel free to spread out or host the party if it is raining.

You probably don’t want to carry a six-person tent if you are going off the grid, and that doesn’t mean you don’t want to sleep in backcountry camping luxury. A tent like the Big Agnes Blacktail 2-Person Hotel Bikepack Tent 4.84 Reviews $349.95 might work for you. The tent comes in at a whopping 6lbs, but that weight might be worth it.

One more thing I will splurge on is hiking clothes. While I’m adventuring, I work hard, and I expect my clothes to work hard. At the same time, I want to be an eco-friendly consumer. Companies like Patagonia Outdoor Clothing & Gear and Coalatree Eco-Minded Goods have sustainable and durable clothing.

If you plan on camping and hiking frequently, you will learn what you do and don’t like while being out. Learn what feels good to you, and then spend the money to make it happen. It will be worth it.

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