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Best Places To Go Camping in Miami

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Author Alex Kafure

For every comfort and convenience the hotels in Miami can provide, sometimes the perfect destination is one that takes you to the basics. Whether it be sleeping under the star studded sky or napping in your tent, camping in Miami offers a fun escape to nature where all devices go off for a while. A time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and and focus on being present.

Camping in Miami can range from rural landscapes to beachside campsites on an island where you’ll have to travel in a small boat or kayak to reach. What matters most is distancing yourself from the crowded beaches and infuriating Miami traffic. We have a list of places you can go camping in Miami that are just short drive away for a cool day trip or a short holiday.

Do you want to experience Miami's outdoor lifestyle? There are relaxing getaways at pleasant campsites much closer to you than you would think. Explore the most interesting camping sites in Miami-Dade County (and Monroe County).

Best Places To Go Camping In Miami

Camping in Miami - Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park and Campground

1. Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park and Campground

First on the list is Larry and Penny Thompson Park, a hidden gem near the world-famous Zoo Miami. The park consists of 270 acres of natural South Florida landscape. If you enjoy walking, biking and swimming you will love the beautiful hiking trails, bike paths, and fresh water lake with its own beach. Want to stay overnight? There 240 separate campsites for RVs and all of them have a good supply of electricity and water, in addition to areas for only camping. Tent sites are available for those interested.

Curry Hammock State Park

2. Curry Hammock State Park

There is no better way to enjoy camping in South Florida than camping in Florida Keys. This seaside park is located on Marathon Key, and is the largest undeveloped parcel of land between Key Largo and Big Pine Key. Curry Hammock State Park offers a big beachfront area, with ocean view campsites for both tents and RVs, a communal fire pit, and a bathhouse with hot showers. In addition, there are also special areas for leisure activities like hiking, cycling, and boating.

Everglades National Park

3. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park, South Florida’s international treasure and World Heritage Site, offers an unparalleled landscape of subtropical marsh. The Everglades is habitat to rare species like the Florida Panther, manatee, American crocodile, and the not to rare alligator. This specially protected area draws visitors from all over to experience nature and adventure. For those who want to camp, there are opportunities in both the frontcountry and the wilderness backcountry. For those interested in frontcountry camping, where you can drive up to your campsite, you can visit the Flamingo or Long Pine Key campgrounds. Both are easy to access via the Homestead entrance of the park. People looking for more adventure can go back-country camping in a number of ground sites, beach sites, and elevated camping platforms called "chickees". You can also reach chickees by boat or kayak. If you wish to go backcountry camping, you must have a permit.

Biscayne National Park

4. Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park is a destination for those who love boating, fishing, diving, and camping. The park is home to many wild animals, both above and below the water, where the healthy coral reefs are thriving with life. For those interested in experiencing a sunrise from your tent on the beach of an island, there are two camp grounds in Biscayne National Park: Boca Chita Key and Elliott Key, both accessible only by boat. These campsites are secluded and and primitive. Do not forget there is a 2.5 foot difference between high and low tides, so avoid getting wet by setting up your tent far enough away the waters edge.

Bahia Honda State Park

5. Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park offers the opportunity to camp with a picturesque scenery with its ocean breeze and palm-lined beaches. Located on Big Pine Key, this park is popular and often reaches maximum capacity. To avoid the crowds, reserve a camp spot and wake up to the empty pristine water and gorgeous views. There are 80 campsites accommodating RVs, tents and hammock camping. Pets are allowed and must be leashed at all times. Reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance.

Camping in Miami

Miami has several destinations for camping near the beach and national parks. All of these Miami camp sites have their own special charm and interest many tourists and locals alike. Tell us about your favorite places to camp in Miami by leaving a comment below!

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