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Camping in Chicago

Best Places to Go Camping in Chicago

Author Alex Kafure

Summer in Chicago is exciting and one of the best times to enjoy the Windy City area. A few reasons are the numerous spots for camping in Chicago, events, and summer festivals. Sometimes, you may prefer to go far away from the busy city life and spend some time experiencing nature nearby.

Are you looking to go camping in Chicago? If yes, then they're a lot of great camping opportunities accessible just after two hours drive from the city center. They include some plain forested, lakeside rocky mountain camping sites, fortunately very near to the city. Whenever you would like to enjoy more than relaxing in camp or roasting on a campfire, you may leave for hiking, jogging, fishing, and much more outing activities near Chicago. You may choose a rural tent or a site for an RV with nearby all general public services such as toilets, supply of electricity & water, and a general store. Furthermore, you can pick a camping spot according to the natural scene you like most. Don’t wait further and check out key camping places to go in Chicago.

Best Places to Go Camping in Chicago

Camping in Chicago - Illinois Beach State Park

1. Illinois Beach State Park

It consists of 6.5 miles of Lakeshore. Here, you have many opportunities to enjoy much more such as sand, natural dunes, low-lying wetland, forest, and long trails for hiking. These activities are more than the camping routines. Having 241 camping spots, there's big space to set your tent, RV, or car. And you will find facilities for electricity, restrooms, and water all over the camping places.

Camping in Chicago - Starved Rock State Park

2. Starved Rock State Park

Most people go to this state park to walk among the most spectacular slot canyons. They also shoot photos near the summer waterfalls. Some people also spend a night. With 129 camping sites, Starved Rock state park offers space to park cars, a picnic table, a campfire place, and electricity. If you would like to head towards this camping site, then you will find here some luxury camps in addition to two grounds to play for kids.

Indiana Dunes State Park

3. Indiana Dunes State Park

Most of the people in Chicago take a trip to Indiana State Park every weekend. It’s because it is just a half-hour drive away from Illinois. People generally spend some time resting here on the beach or walking just a 1.5-mile trail and climbing on top of three dunes. You have multiple options for camping here. The first option is the Dunewood camping ground just in the south. The second option is a big and famous camping park, Indiana Dunes State Park, just accessible after a mile drive from the beach.

Kettle Moraine State Forest

4. Kettle Moraine State Forest

Accessible with only two hours’ drive from Chicago, its name is due to its depressed land formed by melting glaciers. You can experience this change by spending a night and visiting some walk-in places at Whitewater or Ottawa Lake.

Big Foot Beach State Park

5. Big Foot Beach State Park

The most interesting thing to enjoy here is riding a canoe on Lake Geneva before reaching the encampment. It has more than 100 campsites and some sites are very near to parking. All sites have all basic facilities.

Camping in Chicago: Conclusion

Reach more to explore more jaw-dropping campsites and parks such as Rock Cut State Park, Chain O' Lakes, and Shabbona Lake. Enjoy Chicago camping by visiting different campsites every weekend.

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