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9 Reasons to go Camping as a Couple

9 Reasons to go Camping as a Couple

Author Erik Abrams

Camping as a couple provides a unique opportunity to really get to know your partner. Here are nine reasons why you really need to do it.

A break from the routine

Camping is an excellent opportunity to unwind and disconnect yourself from the daily routine. Relationships can flourish in unfamiliar and challenging situations where you are concentrated solely on the simple, basic necessities of life.


Erecting a tent, setting up camp, building a fire and cooking a meal outdoors, all require teamwork. Camping is a chance to share the workload fairly and to discover how you and your partner get along as a team.

A cheap vacation

A camping trip can be an inexpensive and fulfilling vacation. Spend the extra cash you're saving on some especially delicious foods that you can enjoy preparing, cooking and eating together.

A new appreciation for each other

There is nothing like getting out of your comfort zone and doing something different to discover new and perhaps unexpected qualities in both yourself and in your partner. Camping is a great way to learn things about people’s abilities, and weaknesses, that you might never have imagined. Nurture and develop the new positive things you discover about each other.

Expose yourself

Not literally! The ups and downs of camping can often provoke or reveal bad behavior and emotions. Learning to control, moderate and forgive these in yourself, and in your partner, can really strengthen a relationship. Failure to do so may mean the relationship does not have a bright future.

Tent Sex!

It may not be the most luxurious or comfortable night spent together, but the sounds of the wild, the smell of smoke, the glint of the firelight and the peace and energy you feel while camping can make for some honest and unforgettable sexy nights.

Focus on each other

Without the usual daily distractions and demands, you can take advantage of the opportunity to really concentrate on one another. Use the time to share stories, secrets, and aspirations which are vital in building a solid relationship.

It’s Fun

Camping is fun. Enjoy the wonders of nature and learn how to live in peace and harmony with your surroundings and you partner. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

It’s Healthy

Enjoy the opportunity to walk, run and climb. Get physical exercise chopping and gathering wood. Breathe fresh unpolluted air. Hear the sounds of birds and animals. Relax around the campfire. Wonder at the stars of the night sky. Curl up with your loved one. All these things can improve your health, lower your stress levels and strengthen you to return to the “real” world with renewed vigor and a stronger relationship.

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