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The Ultimate Guide to Trail Snacks: Delicious, Nutritious, and Eco-Friendly

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Snacks: Delicious, Nutritious, and Eco-Fri

Author Alex Kafure

Along my adventures, I've learned the importance of packing the right snacks to fuel my outdoor adventures. Here's a roundup of my favorite trail snacks that are not only delicious but also packed with the energy you need to keep going.

GoMacro Bars: A Powerhouse of Nutrition and Flavor

First on my list are GoMacro bars, a perfect blend of taste and nutrition. These bars come in a variety of flavors to suit any palate, with some labeled "high protein" for that extra energy boost. What I love most about these bars is the use of simple, pronounceable ingredients, ensuring that you're fueling your body with the best.

Oatmega Bars: Tasty and Wallet-Friendly

Next up are the Oatmega bars, a staple in my snack arsenal. These bars are a wallet-friendly option without compromising on quality. Available at Target, they are packed with essential proteins and omega-3s, making them a great pick for long hikes.

Square Organics: Indulgent Chocolate-Covered Treats

For chocolate lovers, Square Organics square bars are a must-try. Covered in luscious chocolate, they are an indulgent treat on the trails. A word of caution: they might melt in heat, so I recommend carrying them in a small bag to avoid any mess in your backpack.

Classic Snack Combo: Apple and Nut Butter

When it comes to simplicity and nutrition, you can't go wrong with a classic apple and nut butter combo. I'm particularly fond of Justin's almond and peanut butter packets for their convenience and taste. They're the perfect companion to a fresh apple for a refreshing and energizing snack.

DIY Trail Mix: Customized and Cost-Effective

Creating your own trail mix is a fun and cost-effective option. Store-bought mixes often lean heavily on peanuts, which can get monotonous. I prefer heading to the bulk section and mixing my favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. My mix usually includes walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and a dash of cinnamon for a personal touch.

Plantain Chips: A Crunchy, Salty Delight

Plantain chips are my go-to for a crunchy and salty snack. They're perfect straight out of the bag or in a smaller portion for lighter travel. When I'm at the campsite, I'll top them with avocado for an extra treat.

Homemade Protein Energy Bites: Easy, Nutritious, and Customizable

One of my favorite snacks to prepare before a hike is homemade protein energy bites. Loaded with chia seeds, peanut butter, oats, and protein powder, they're an affordable and nutritious option. I usually pack a couple of these bites for a quick energy boost.

Sustainable Snacking with Stasher Bags

To carry my snacks, I've recently switched to Stasher bags. These reusable bags are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic. They seal perfectly, keeping your snacks fresh and reducing plastic consumption — a small step towards preserving the nature we all love to explore.

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