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14 Simple and Useful Hiking Hacks

14 Simple and Useful Hiking Hacks

Author Erik Abrams

Check out these hiking hacks that will hopefully make your trip that much better!

Straw Spice Rack

Camping food will taste even better if you pack a few essential herbs and spices. Cut several large sized straws to length and seal one end using a small piece of tape. Fill each with a different spice, and seal the other end. Find a small container to put them in. A bottle of M&M’s minis is perfect. Label the straws and fill your box.

Tic Tac Spice Boxes

Same idea, just for herbs or spices you use more of, pack them into TicTac boxes. This is easier than making the straws and better if you have more people with you.

Start Fire with Corn Chips

Corn tortilla chips, Doritos and Fritos are not just tasty snacks - they actually ignite easily, burn steadily and are a handy way to get a fire going when needed.

Cotton balls dipped in Vaseline

Pack a few cotton balls coated in vaseline, in a sealed Ziploc bag. These are great to start a fire since they will ignite easily burn for a long time.

Duct tape

Save space by wrapping duct tape around a water bottle or lighter. Duct tape is probably the most useful thing you can have with you for running tent repairs and much more including-


Taking care of your feet can ensure a long and pain-free hike. Apply duct tape over a blister as an emergency measure to prevent it from worsening while on the trail.

Remove Ticks

Ticks are gross and can attach to you undetected. If you find some on you, use your duct tape to get them off. When removing a tick you should always be careful to make sure to pull out the entire body. Use the sticky side of duct tape to remove tick larvae from yourself or pets.

Line your pack with a garbage bag

A large garbage bag inside your pack will ensure that the contents remain dry even in heavy rain or when crossing rivers. You will also be able to use the plastic bag should you need one for something else.

Do not wear cotton

While cotton may be comfortable in normal circumstance when hiking it can actually be dangerous as it dries slowly and holds moisture close to the skin which can lead to hypothermia in cold conditions. Choose clothes made from synthetic wicking materials or Merino wool.

Repackage your snacks

Remove all unnecessary packaging or open and empty the contents into small Ziploc bags, will allow you to remove all air and sealed inside the original packaging which takes up space in your pack. This will also allow you to reseal snacks to save for later should you not finish.

Tinfoil footprint

Before heading out on a hike, step on tinfoil to make an imprint of your hiking shoe footprint. Leave this imprint on your car dashboard. If you should get lost this will help rescuers to find you as they will know which prints to track.

Save your batteries

Don’t accidentally drain your headlamp batteries and end up in the dark. When not in use, turn one of the batteries the wrong way to prevent turning it on accidentally,

Make a lantern

Place your headlamp on your water bottle shining into the watter. This will diffuse the light making a handy lantern.

Ziplock bags

Place your phone and other delicate and essential items into individual Ziploc bags and seal well.

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