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11 Ways to Control Fear

11 Ways to Control Fear

Author Alex Kafure

Be Prepared

Pack and carry with you at all times a comprehensive selection of survival tools which include a first aid kit, fire starting equipment and water purifying options. If you should become separated from the rest of your camping equipment at least having these things will diminish your fears and greatly increase your chance of survival.

Get trained

Learn as much as you can about survival options. Ideally, take a professionally run course or read up about different techniques. Having a good training will mean that you will know the best way to act in different circumstances, which can help to increase your confidence, boost your morale, keep you calm and reduce your fear.

Face your fears

It is perfectly natural to feel afraid in a potentially life-threatening situation. Confronting and contemplating each fear and seeking a remedy will have a more calming and positive affect than trying to ignore them.

Remain aware of your surroundings

Constantly observe your surroundings for anything that might be of assistance to you that you might not have noticed, and of any changes which could indicate an alteration in your situation.

Stay busy

Keep yourself busy, gathering wood, maintaining a fire, making a shelter, looking for water, marking exploratory trails, whatever you can. Idleness leads to boredom and despondency, and breeds fear.

Keep your imagination in check

In stressful and unfamiliar situations it is easy to let your imagination run wild and invent all kinds of terrible scenarios. Be aware of this tendency and stop it before you lose control.

Adapt to your surroundings

Explore and get to know your surroundings. There are sure to be many things that are of assistance to you nearby if you are observant and capable of adapting. Don’t lament what you are lacking, and make the most of what you have to hand.

Keep positive

Maintaining a positive attitude is vital in survival situations. Motivate yourself and others by drawing on your spiritual or religious beliefs to provide strength and determination. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on negative things and dispel irrational fears.

Practice breathing exercises

Establishing a regular routine of breathing and other basic yoga exercises can help to reduce stress and increase the efficient working of your mind, so decreasing your fears.

Ask for help

Help in conquering fear can be physical, mental or spiritual. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other members of the group and be willing to collaborate yourself in any way that you are able.

Use Humor

Laughter and humor can boost motivation and elevate the mood of the group. Don’t ever laugh at the expense of another but using humor and light-hearted bantering can make even a desperate situation more bearable and banish fear.

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