Best Places to Go Camping in Philadelphia

Camping in Philadelphia

The strange and irregular summer of Philadelphia excites us to spend every weekend outdoors and choose camping in Philadelphia. That’s why you will notice that many of your family members and friends will also visit some campsites. You don’t need to worry if you have never visited a campground during the weekend yet. There’re plenty of campsites to experience in nature. There, you will have a chance to improve your camp building and life management skills in wild settings.

Furthermore, when summer ends and fall starts, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. That’s when camping in Philadelphia is most enjoyable. You will have an opportunity to enjoy cool nights with normal humidity. You can enjoy activities like climbing and camping that offer an opportunity to spend some time in nature with family or friends. So, you should plan a weekend on the calendar to leave for a favourite outdoor campsite. Below, check out some most popular camping sites and choose where you want to go.

Best Places to Go Camping in Philadelphia

Camping in Philadelphia - French Creek State Park

1. French Creek State Park

This camping and hiking park has many acres of forests linked to Washington and New York. They are very popular getaways for tourists to enjoy and experience wildlife. Your outdoor activities at this campground can include more interesting activities such as swimming, fishing, and even riding a bike in the forest. It is very different from riding a bike on road. Spend your time here relaxing restfully in a fancy tent having all the essential facilities.

Ricketts Glen State Park

2. Ricketts Glen State Park

Take a visit to multiple waterfalls on the Falls Way at Ricketts Glen. This Fall Track is 3.2-mile long and there you will see many waterfalls. These waterfalls are the true beauty of this camping site. That is why many people come here every weekend to spend more than one night. After hiking over the falls, take a cool swim at Lake Jean, where more adventures with canoeing and kayaking will welcome you.

Cape Henlopen State Park

3. Cape Henlopen State Park

Close to Cape May, you can just walk along the beach and hit Cape Henlopen easily. So, you can allow yourself the luxury of boating, swimming, or fishing. You may want to reserve a much bigger campsite with full privacy. Henlopen Park gets more camping enthusiastic visitors in the summer. This park also offers some great hiking trails.

Wharton State Forest

4. Wharton State Forest

It is the largest forest in Pine Barrens. This camping getaway includes many hiking trails, rivers, and streams ideal for canoeing, fishing and swimming. Furthermore, there are also some pet-friendly sites available if you have a puppy to take along.

Camping in Philadelphia: Conclusion

There are four campsites that can excite you to choose one to enjoy and experience the wild nature with very beautiful scenes, fresh air with lots of adventure. Read more to explore more details of camping near Philadelphia.

Alex Kafure

Alex Kafure

As South Floridian native, my first camping experience was right along the beach in the Florida Keys. Since then, it's been nothing but exploring what the rest of the world has to offer. From moving to the Pacific Northwest to now residing in Costa Rica, I've had the chance to experience all kinds of environments. The question that always lingers in my mind is, "where to next?" I can't wait to find out.

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