Best Places to Go Camping in Los Angeles

Camping in Los Angeles

When thinking of reasons to go to Los Angeles, beaches may not be the only reason that springs to mind. Just outside the city, there are multiple beautiful getaways for camping in Los Angeles. For L.A camping lovers, the good news is that three sides of the city have mountains and one side has the Pacific Ocean. It means you can access many camping spots easily all around the city just after a few hours’ drive. Nature all around the city is waiting for you offering you a great healthy experience.

Read about the 4 best-camping destinations accessible just 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. You can visit these places on weekends to get in touch with nature leaving your tech world behind.

Check with the most favorite camping in Los Angeles opportunities for reservation taking care of all of the COVID-19 protocols.

Best Places to Go Camping in Los Angeles

Malibu Creek State Park

1. Malibu Creek State Park

The first resort is for beginners or campers who want to visit nature but cannot spend too much time driving. However, don’t allow the conveniences and short distances to fool you. This national park has a lot of wild and uninhabited zones to explore in its natural condition. There is a 15-mile trail, famous among mountain bikers, hikers, and runners. In addition, this park also has some rocky mountains for climbers.

Angeles National Forest

2. Angeles National Forest

Another great spot to go camping near Los Angeles is Angeles Nation Forrest. The first interesting aspect is that it’s above 5,200 feet from sea level, making this an excellent opportunity to escape for the weekend. Experience the cool air of the mountains, prepare food on the grill, and play the guitar with friends or family at night around the campfire. There is also a camping ground just half-mile away.

Buckhorn Campground

3. Buckhorn Campground

Buckhorn camping ground is a secret spot, at an altitude of 6,300 feet above sea level and comfortably low temperatures. It is a great place to climb and hike. It is possible to leave your tent on Burkhart Trail and quickly hit both the Silver Moccasin and Pacific Crest trails. If you want to enjoy the scenery, climb toward Twin Peaks East and Waterman Mountain. On the way, there are many general public services. Just around the corner, you will find some camping parks with all available camping facilities.

Crystal Lake Rec Area Campground

4. Crystal Lake Rec Area Campground

Are you tired of your daily busy life and now looking for a quiet place with natural isolation? Visit Crystal Lake Recreation Area in Azusa, an outstanding hiking location. Here you will find 36 campsites and extra cabins available for rent. There is no campsite nearer to Los Angeles than this campground. There are as many available comforts and services as you may need. In addition, you will feel experience quietness because it is not a crowded destination.

Camping in Los Angeles: Conclusion

Strangely enough, the best thing for you is if you are living in L.A is how fast you can go camping in Los Angeles. And the main plus point is that all the main camping gateways are all around the city. Read more to know more about the key features of camping in Los Angeles.

Alex Kafure

Alex Kafure

As South Floridian native, my first camping experience was right along the beach in the Florida Keys. Since then, it's been nothing but exploring what the rest of the world has to offer. From moving to the Pacific Northwest to now residing in Costa Rica, I've had the chance to experience all kinds of environments. The question that always lingers in my mind is, "where to next?" I can't wait to find out.

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