How to Identify Cougar, Lynx & Bobcat Tracks

Cougars are also known as mountain lions, panthers, and pumas. Each location across America has their own name for relatively the same animal. Its range used to cover from the temperate regions all across North and South America. The population is denser in the west, all along with the mountain ranges, and sparse or nearly […]

10 Bucket List Camping Trips – United States

The adventurer in all of us dreams about waking up to grand landscapes at our feet and the feeling of those first crisp breaths of mountain air. This list is for the adventurer at heart and for those that are eager to see the beautiful spots around the United States. Camp 4 – Yosemite National Park […]

Tips For Staying Dry While Hammock Camping

Sometimes you just want to head out on an overnight with a light pack. But if you’re ditching the tent for a hammock, you’ve got to be prepared for rain and snow. Here’s how you stay dry while hammock camping. Tarp: First things first, you have to have the right tarp. You can get a […]

4 Ways To Make Coffee While Camping

Sometimes the only thing worse than not having a steamy cup of coffee after a night in the forest is having to settle for instant coffee. Nothing beats a nice cup of joe before taking on a day of hiking but it can be a struggle in the morning to set up the fire or […]

Omeals Taste Test & Full Review

Omeals Taste Test & Full Review

This Omeals review will help you decide if this is the right meal replacement for you while camping. Below we have a short Omeals taste test and full review. So your feet are sore from a day on the trail, or your arms feel like wet noodles from a long kayaking trip. Whatever your adventure, […]

Southeastern Expeditions – Two Day White Water Rafting & Camping Trip

Southeastern Expeditions - Two Day White Water Rafting & Camping Trip

Southeastern Expeditions is the perfect camping tour for those weekend warriors that are ready to shake off that midweek slump and head for the outdoors. Southeastern Expeditions is also a great company for large groups that want to take advantage of two groups.If you are anything like me, then you live for those days at […]

8 Benefits of Camping with Your Kids

Getting outside in nature with your family can have some amazing benefits. Bring your kids camping can not only create amazing memories but can actually teach them life lessons as well.  Keep reading to learn more reasons why you should bring your kids along next time you go camping!

9 Reasons to go Camping as a Couple

Camping as a couple provides a unique opportunity to really get to know your partner. Here are nine reasons why you really need to do it. A break from the routine Camping is an excellent opportunity to unwind and disconnect yourself from the daily routine. Relationships can flourish in unfamiliar and challenging situations where you […]

Top 25 things to bring while camping with your girlfriend

Top 25 things to bring while camping with your girlfriend

A camping trip as a couple will be much more enjoyable if you run through this checklist of essential items before leaving home. Hygiene 1. Wet wipes. Never camp without them – especially when with your girlfriend. A quick whip down to clean her hands, feet and to get ride of any sweat before bed will go […]

UNA Grill – The Ultra Sleek and Portable Charcoal Grill

I love to BBQ! I mean…who doesn’t? My only issue is that I live in an apartment on the beach with very little inside storage space for a grill and we’re not allowed to keep one outside. That is why the UNA Grill caught my eye, and why I want bring it to your attention. […]