10 Best Camping Chairs

While sitting on a tree stump or downed tree will suffice for a bit, having a comfy, relaxing seat is the place to put your backside. When looking for the right chair, you have many choices. Check the list below to find what you might be looking for. NEMO Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair Price: $249.95 […]

Best National Parks For Short Weekend Trips

The best weekend national park trip to take is the one closest to your home.  Sure, you could fly to any national park if you have the resources and the time. But, if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway, check out the National Park Service website, NPS.org, to view one of the country’s […]

Life Lessons Learned from Camping & Hiking

The lessons we learn as we travel through life are abundant, and the topics are broad. We learn through our experiences, and we often look back and say, ‘I learned something that day.’ My camping and hiking experiences have shaped my life. The most important lessons I’ve learned are patience, teamwork, and perseverance. I have […]

Survival Skills You Should Know

When heading out on the trail for a day hike or weekend adventure, you need to know basic survival skills.  Something as simple as a rolled ankle could turn into overnight on the trail, but being prepared by having knowledge and some basic gear in your pack can go a long way in helping you […]

Top 5 Insect Repellents for Camping

Insects, yuck!!  Having mosquitoes, flies, and gnats flying around you while camping is annoying and no fun.  Check out the top 5 insect repellents from Amazon to help ease the pain of obnoxious pests.  Each of these products have reviews that number in the thousands and have garnered at least 4.4 stars.  Pick which one […]

How Not to Get Lost On The Trail

Hiking is a glorious activity that can bring so much joy. A quick way to halt the glorious joy, you might be feeling, is by getting lost.  Understanding your chosen route and the type of trail you will be hiking on will be beneficial in helping you not get lost.  Are you hiking a loop […]

Learn From My Mistakes. Avoid These Hiking Pitfalls.

There is nothing worse than going on a hike and having your day ruined by avoidable pitfalls. Being surprised by a pop-up thunderstorm, getting too hot or cold while on the trail or even getting lost – ok maybe not lost but, not on the right trail – can absolutely ruin what otherwise would be […]