7 Best Movies About Camping

One of the things that can make camping more enjoyable is watching camping movies. They might give you ideas for things to try on your next trip. You could also pretend you’re in one of your favorite movies on your next adventure. In case you haven’t seen any or don’t have a favorite, here’s a […]

6 Best Sleeping Pads for Camping and Hiking

Sleep is important. That is especially true when camping, but maintaining it can be difficult because of the unfamiliar conditions. Sleeping pads are a great way to ensure you’re comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. They are especially important if you sleep on the ground. Even in a tent and a sleeping bag, […]

How To Have Fun When You’re Stuck In Your Tent

Going camping can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Spending time outdoors to explore the wilderness can be good for you and lots of fun. However, you don’t always get to do that. On some occasions, the weather might take a turn for the worse and force you to stay in your tent for most of […]

What I Learned From My First Time Camping

Though I’m not very experienced with camping and surviving outdoors, I do have one experience from which I’ve learned. When I was a sophomore in college, I went on a trip with my sketch and improv comedy club. At the time, the University we went to owned a wilderness retreat area called Dippikill. Thanks to […]

Campfire Story Series: The Moss Man

Have you ever heard of the moss man? You HAVEN’T?! You’ve never heard the story of the moss man? Huh, well it’s become something of an urban legend. A lot of people think it started out as some old wives’ tale to keep kids from going too deep in the woods. But it was more […]

Top Bags & Backpacks For The Summer

With summer around the corner, we’re approaching camping season in a lot of areas. If you’re going out camping or hiking, you should note that bags are an important piece of gear because they let you bring everything else you might need on your adventure. Some bags are also better suited to certain activities or […]

Top 5 Camping Water Bottles On Amazon

When camping, hiking, or doing any outdoor activity, hydration is important. Part of that is having something reliable to carry your water so you can stay hydrated on long trips. The best equipment is going to help you make the most out of your trip. An important piece of equipment is a reusable water bottle. […]

Should I Play Dead If I Come Across A Bear

It’s a valid question, and one that a lot of newer campers ask themselves. Statistically speaking, bear attacks are actually rare. Encountering a bear is still a concern because they can be dangerous to humans. The question then remains. Should you actually lie down and play dead if you encounter a bear in the wild? […]

I Didn’t Grow Up Camping. Why I Want To Start Now

I’ve always lived in apartment buildings in New York City. I’ve never been the outdoorsy type either, which I guess makes me a city-slicker. For a long time, the closest I had ever been to “the great outdoors” was my grandmother’s concrete backyard. Needless to say, I didn’t get to grow up camping. Maybe you […]

5 Camping Myths In Movies & On TV

It’s no secret that camping gets a bad rep. A fair amount of that comes from how camping is portrayed in the media we consume on a day to day basis. Think about how many sitcoms or movies you’ve seen where a group of people go out camping only to be miserable the whole time. […]