Camping Is Easy started as a passion project.

Erik, a true gearhead, wanted a place where all the coolest and latest outdoor gear was easily accessible with reviews and helpful info. Problem was, all the big box stores carried the same brand names and neglected innovative products made by lesser known, smaller companies.

Alex, a career marketing professional, was tired of promoting products he wasn’t passionate about. He wanted to be a part of something he believed in and enjoyed doing.

Erik and Alex sat down one day and thought, “Why can’t we be the company that has all the gear no one knows about? We love camping, but how can we do it more often?” They set out to personally test the best gear they could get their hands on, in an effort to help spread the word about lesser known brands…all as an excuse to get outside and go camping!

And from that, Camping Is Easy was born. We hope you enjoy it.

Erik Abrams

Alex Kafure