5 Unique Ways to Use Paracord

Everyone seems to have their own creative ways to use paracord while outdoors and there are a million and one tricks when using it. Some are useful. Some serve no purpose at all. Here are five unique ways to use paracord.

Fishing Line:

First, you’ll cut a desired length of line. Now, pull one of the inner strands out of the paracord and use it to attach your fish hook.


If you spend any amount of time in the woods, you need to know how to make a tourniquet. This first-aid essential is imperative to surviving in the wilderness You need to find a small stick and tie a hitch knot around one side then wrap the paracord around the affected body limb and tie another clove hitch knot to the stick. Now, just twist the stick around until it’s tight.


.To begin, make sure your paracord is long enough to fit down the barrel. Now, cut off a small piece of cloth and tie a knot around it and put some oil on it. As a last-ditch effort, you can now clean some of the residues from your gun barrel.

Dental Floss:

For this, use only a small piece of paracord. First, pull out the inner rope then take that rope and split it apart to have a small enough piece to fit between your pearly whites. Now, you can still have hygiene while hanging out in the woods.

A Spear:

After you find a nice long stick, you want to cut a notch in the end of it for your knife handle. Next, tie one side of the paracord to a tree. This is going to help you wrap the knife with plenty of pressure ensuring it stays tight. When you’re done wrapping it, you can finish it off with a couple of half hitches to keep your paracord and knife in place.

What other cool ways do you guys have for using paracord? Comment below to let us know some of your unique paracord uses!


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