3 Most Important Camping Success Factors

Spring is here and you are getting that itch to get back into nature.  What a better way to do it than a weekend camping trip. Of course, you want this trip to be successful, and to do that follow the 3 factors listed below. These will help to ensure a good time is had by all. Following these tips will help you prepare for the type of weekend adventure you are looking to experience.

  1. Think about the 5 W’s –
    • Who is going on this trip?  Are you going by yourself?  With other folks?  Will kids be involved?
    • What are your camping goals? i.e., relaxation, weekend full of activities or maybe a mix.
    • Where are you going to camp?  State Park?  Deep in the backcountry?
    • When?  What season is it? What types of weather might you need to consider?
    • Why?  Why are you taking this trip?  Are you looking for a relaxing weekend with family or are you just needing a place to grab some shuteye for the night?
    • Answering these questions are a good place to start and will lead you to the next important factor: Making the Plan.
  2. Make the Plan – Whether you are car camping at your state park or back country camping in the depths of the wilderness planning and using the plan to help you remember all your gear, food, or what all you packed up in that fully loaded car of yours will make your trip successful.
    • Location:  Where are you thinking of camping?  In the backcountry or your local state park?  Knowing the location destination will help you know what type of gear you might want to bring and the amount of food you might like to have on hand. Depending on where you want to camp you may need a reservation or permit.  Planning for this will help you avoid showing up to a campground or back country trail head only to find out all the sites are full or there are no permits available.
    • Gear:  Make a list of all the gear you want AND need for your adventure.  The main items you should include are shelter, food, clothing, and personal necessities.  Knowing who will be involved will help narrow the types of gear and amounts of food you will need.
    • Food:  Is cooking all your food around the campfire the way you want to go or maybe you only want to boil water and add it to a freeze-dried pack.  If cooking isn’t your jam, make sure you check to see if there are restaurants nearby that will suit your dietary needs.
    • Weather:  Know the weather forecast.  Will it be hot or cold? Windy or rainy?  Have the proper gear and clothing to ensure a good experience. Have an escape plan in case the weather goes south, and you need to abandon the weekend.
    • Activities:  Is this a weekend of chilling and reading in the hammock or are you going full throttle on activities. If kiddos are involved, back-up activity plans may be needed if weather or other circumstances come into play. If there are certain activities you want to do during the weekend think about and plan them before you get to your campsite.  This will help alleviate any last-minute hiccups that may occur.
    • Left Over Thoughts:  If it is your first trip you very well may bring too much stuff and that’s ok.  Over time you will learn what you want and need while camping and you will hone your packing skills.
  3. Enjoy the Moment – Camping should be fun and enjoyable.  To have a successful trip stay in the moment no matter the situation and remember; the journey is the destination. 


Mother, hiker, camper and avid outdoors enthusiast who delights in hiking, biking, running, Nordic skiing, and snowshoeing. I enjoy being out in nature and experiencing all it has to offer. Mantras I try to live by: "There is no other place I need to be than where I am at this moment." -unknown "There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsustainable clothing." -Alfred Wainwright #CampingIsEasy

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